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What do you use to store and organise your recipes?
Caspian Beaumont

Caspian Beaumont

Exploring the Traditional Recipe Box

There's something to be said for tradition. The good old-fashioned recipe box has been a kitchen staple for decades and serves as a tangible connection to family history and culinary traditions. These compact little boxes, often adorned with colourful designs or personalised touches, can hold hundreds of recipe cards. I love to flip through my own box, each card a memory of a meal shared with loved ones. It's not just a storage solution, but a treasure trove of food-based nostalgia.

The Digital Recipe Manager

Stepping into the modern age, there is a plethora of digital recipe managers available. I personally enjoy using these as they offer a more organised and efficient way to store and categorize my recipes. Apps like Paprika, BigOven, and Pepperplate allow me to quickly search for what I need, plan meals, and even create shopping lists. Plus, the convenience of having all my recipes available on my phone or tablet is invaluable.

Embracing Cloud Storage

Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox have become my go-to for storing and organising recipes. I create separate folders for different types of dishes and can easily share them with friends and family. The ability to access my recipes from any device, anywhere, is a game changer. I no longer worry about losing recipe cards or forgetting them at home.

Utilising Social Media Platforms

Who knew Instagram and Pinterest could be so handy? I've discovered countless drool-worthy recipes on these platforms. Pinterest allows me to create boards for different types of recipes, and Instagram's save feature lets me categorise my finds into collections. It's a visually appealing way to organise and store recipes, and I love the community aspect of it.

The Power of Recipe Blogs and Websites

I am a big fan of online recipe blogs and websites. Websites like Allrecipes and Epicurious have vast collections of recipes that I can save to my account for future reference. I also follow a number of food bloggers who consistently provide delicious and unique recipes. It's an endless source of culinary inspiration.

Utilising Recipe Books and Magazines

Despite living in a digital age, I still find joy in flipping through a beautifully photographed recipe book or a glossy food magazine. I dedicate a shelf in my kitchen to these books and magazines, and use sticky notes to mark my favourite recipes. It's a classic organisational method that still holds its charm.

Creating a Recipe Binder

One of my favourite ways to organise recipes is by creating a recipe binder. I print out or photocopy my favourite recipes and organise them into sections within the binder. This way, I can easily flip to the recipe I want and have a hard copy in front of me while I cook. It's a customised cookbook, created just for me.

The Evernote Method

I've recently discovered the wonders of Evernote for recipe organisation. I can clip recipes from websites, add my own notes, and even take photos of recipes to store in the app. The search function is particularly useful, allowing me to find exactly what I'm looking for in seconds.

Going the Excel Route

Excel might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about recipe organisation, but I've found it to be surprisingly effective. I can create a spreadsheet with tabs for different categories, and even include links to online recipes. It's a simple and efficient method that appeals to my love of organisation.

Experimenting With Recipe Apps

The world of recipe apps is vast and varied. From apps that help you discover new recipes, to apps that can organise your shopping list, there's something for everyone. I've tried a number of these apps and have found them to be a convenient and modern way to store and organise my recipes.

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